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A Classic Word Search game

Some time ago I developed a Word Search game solver Android application using the services from Firebase ML Kit.

It was an interesting trip discovering the features of a framework that allows the developer to use AI capabilities without knowing all the rocket science behind.

In the specific, I’ve used…

One week ago I’ve read the article from Sara Robinson about how to add Computer Vision to an iOS app.

It is a great article describing playing around a cool idea: develop a serverless application combining the Firebase API (, and ) with a Cloud Service…

How to start developing augmented reality apps with ARCore

Augmented Reality applications are spreading around us thanks to the evolution of Computer Vision algorithms and the relative easiness of development using powerful frameworks as Vuforia and ARKit.

Even Google as announced their AR framework at the end of August 2017 offering developer a new software-only solution to create Augmented…

Published on December 15th, 2015 | by Giovanni Laquidara

Back in August 2011 ‘s on the Wall Street Journal stated that “Software is eating the world”.

And Now? How is it doing? Quite everything around us is based on software. Every business is or will at some point be…

Giovanni Laquidara

Developer Advocate @ Huawei, Android, ML and VR/AR lover

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