You know a lot of people have that!

You don’t have to be one more, you can change that, you can change the world.

They’re scared, they’re scared of
..of complications
…they’re scared of
…of failure.
Failure is a big one that people are afraid of, but failure is one of the most important thing you could ever have, far as there’s a motivation to do things differently!

I heard this today and it was exactly what I needed to start failing once again.

We all know that the fear of failure is in everyone, from the first time you remember having done something important for you, in your graduation, your first time driving, your first day in the new job… The important thing is to know that failure is the motivation to do different, to do better! So here I am.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Joāo Pedro, Brazilian, 20 years old. What do I do with my life? I am a developer best known internationally as a software engineer, for the family, the IT guy, and I love it! You probably must be wondering why I’m not writing something about a new technology or something like that, do not worry, I’ll do it in future posts.

In the IT field you need to be creative because after all, we are creating something new all the time, and I believe that for this we must always be looking for inspirations and doing things that encourage us to continue being creative, so here I am, writing about failures and this can be a flaw, but at least for the good side I’ll gain a new learning to do different and better in the next time.

The idea that I want to go through in this story is that we should see more and more failure as a good thing, as a blessing, because while you are there, again afraid of failing, the time is passing and you are leaving to learn and evolve something new with your failure, we’re all afraid of failing, we’re all failing, do not let that intimidate you, then change your mindset and you will change the world! It’s time to learn, it’s time to fail, let’s do it, let’s change the world!

You need to remember that failing does not mean an end, but exactly a new change to be successful, fail as many times as you need and share those failures with people so that they learn from you and that they break the idea that failure is a wrong thing to fear.