Whatsapp, I love you, but we need to talk

Dear Whatsapp team,

I am a huge fan of yours since 2011. The app keeps on evolving and growing and the last update was surprinsingly good… UNTIL the app started to force me to enable Notifications with this inconvenient “how-to” pop-up.

As a heavy user and digital professional, I understand that this type of intervention may be useful for ‘newbies’ and also have a tactical goal: to make Whastapp usage stats grow in average time. BUT you really need to provide people a way to stop being interrupted each and very time they open the app.

I appreciate your concern, but I already set my notification configs the way they work better for me. My wonderful groups and pvt chats are very active all day long. As you can imagine, Whatsapp can be quite a bad distraction for my professional life, as well as it is helpful most of the time. For this reason, I’ve decided to reclaim control of my time and shut down all notifications. I check on my messages everytime I CAN and/or WANT, during the day. Which means that if you force me to see banners or pops for every single “hi”, “LOL” or “❤”, you will kill my productivity, piss my boss off and, naturally, make me unemployed, miserable and unable to pay my bills.

My humble request: help me keep on having you in my life. Give me a “Don’t display this message again” button!

That’s all I want for Xmas =)

Your sincerely,


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