A problem on Tech startups

Startups are all about solving problems, that’s the magic of entrepreneurship, but not all problems are knowned, most of the unknown will appear on the first testing experience…

I attended the #Ptech16, a conference with the subject of emerging technologies and opportunities for the industries, and i had the pleasure to hear about some emerging portuguese tech startups.

On the debate session an important question came out.

What’s the biggest problem for tech startups?

Probably you are thinking in a lot of possibilities like, funding, taxes, talent, the technology itself… you are not wrong, those were most of the problems that were talked, but also they are expected, academically discussed and tech startupper’s are well aware of them.

In the middle of the discussion a problem common to all, has been shared…

I can explain…

The image doesn’t give you the answer?

Continue reading in my website, to find it!

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