Beta exam

I just took the beta exam at May 21 2018 and I'm sharing my personal notes made before the exam. I won't add any relevant information on the document after this point to avoid NDA problems.

The beta exam has 4 hours to be done. I found it enough.

Last year I took an passed the Google Data Engineer and Google Cloud Architect exams and you need to pay more attention on the time. I didn't had time to do a full review of my Cloud Architect exam.

The point of studying for a certification

The best thing of using a certification to study is to have a guide. A study plan made by the ones who weighted relevant parts of the technology. Another good point is that if you have a defined date you learn a lot on a specific amount of time.

The path

1- Evaluate yourself on the study guide. Transform it in a study plan.

2- Schedule your exam.

3- Collect and read links about the subject.

4- Make notes.

1- Self-evaluation on the study guide

I like to transform the study guide. Doing this:

Copy all the content from it.
Paste on a google spreadsheet.
Remove blank lines.
Create columns at the left: Section, Subsection, Item, Split, ID

Final transformation.

Ementa with long itens splitted to improve self evaluation.

This self evaluation step is important to help you discover areas that you need to focus on the study phase. Start with them.

2- Schedule your exam

The best advice that I took from Henrique G. Abreu is schedule your exam first.

Study all the way til the exam.

3- Study phase

Make tons of notes, watch videos, codelabs, practice.. learn the best way you like to learn.

4- Make notes

Here are the study notes made for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam. Hope you like.

Next exams

Kubernetes exams. That the knowledge of Kelsey Hightower may enlight us.

Q3 Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Q4 Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Share your experience

Do you like studying for certifications?
What is your approach?

Which one did you learn the most from?

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