When a wolf went to MIT

A brief history about a brazilian startup and MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Even being one of the most entrepreneurs countries in the world, Brazil stills remain a bad country to entrepreneurship. High taxes, bad politicies (and politicians), and a lack of entrepreneur educations, are just some of the factors that crush most of new startups.

But don’t worry, this is a story about success, or at least, the first step of a successful path. Since last year (2014 for reference to future readers), MIT organizes the “MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp”, the event chooses 50 entrepreneurs around the world, based in personal and of course, their startup ideas merits.

This year, I and the startup that I coFounded with Carolina Morimoto, was one of the chosen ones, but this was just the beginning of a major battle. As I said before, here in Brazil, startups still suffer with a lack of stimulus, and support, especially when they are still in MVP stage. And we, as students had to raise about 10 thousands USD to cover the MITx taxes, travel and living cost to be able to attend the bootcamp.

Our only “affordable” short time option, was crowdffunding. But it was also a huge problem. After all, our startup doesn’t offer a product that most people are really interested, our main public are other entrepreneurs (Yeah, we are a B2B startup).

Then, we started to think in how to make “common people”, empathize and donate to our campaign, it make us drive into a huge race to get press visuality, we contacted almost all media vehicles in Brazil, and and make our campaign with a different focus. Not the startup, but the value of it. The value of make a brazilian startup, surpass all the adversities and goes to MIT.

We planned and executed a marketing plan, completely out of out “safe zone”, to raise almost 40K Brl, in 3 weeks. And know what? It worked. We not only raised the funds, but also get a lot of media coverage and awareness to our project. We learned a lot with the process, and also, make some new partners that will work with us to grow MontainWOLVES.

Now, we are going to MIT, and when get back to Brazil, we plan to write a book condensing all the knowledge that we drink from the firehouse, and give it, to the people that helped us to go.