Disadvantages to Exercise

Exercise without a doubt is beneficial in so many ways. There are people who need to start exercising or are already benefiting from exercising already. By exercising, people are able to manage their weight, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and so much more- the list goes on and on. But exercise also has a “dark side”. Those disadvantages have the effects on thousands of people each day and in some cases, they do not even know about it. Some of theses disadvantages/ dangers include addictiveness, heart complications, diabetes, inflammation, diet destruction, and joint damage. Without considering the dangers that exercise can have on an individual, the repercussions could affect them in the long rum.

In one study,researchers found that extreme exhausting workouts such as high intensity training could be bad for the heart. Researchers stated that intense endurance exercises can be “cardiotoxic” and can cause damages to the heart’s structure. The link between extreme exercise and heart condition is relevant and can be seen everywhere. Whether it is at the gym,track, or wherever, extreme exercise can expose the heart into getting into an unusual heart beat rhythm. Although light exercise will not affect the heart’s rhythm, exercises such as heavy lifting or sports like football or basketball can have a dangerous affect on one’s heart. People with low levels of training or cardiac problems are more prone to heart complications.

Another problem with exercise is that it becomes highly addicting. Those who are already consistently workout, their body releases hormones(endorphins) that block pain, decrease anxiety, and also makes a person feel more euphoric. In many situations, regular exercisers can feel depression, anxiety, or stress if they reduce or stop exercising.

Because exercise can become addicting, people tend to push their bodies to higher limits. For example, endurance-based athletes are more likely to continue through chronic repetitive motion training. As a result, the constant and chronic push can have a detrimental effect on the body’s joints. Arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis are common joint pains that many athletes are affected by. Most of these pains can be eliminated by understanding the common mistakes of exercising. Those who are starting or do not understand the fundamentals are more likely to injure themselves.

Exercise, like most concepts, needs to be understood. Many people are affected by the “dark side” of exercising. Although mostly everyone can agree that the benefits to exercise outnumber the detriments of exercise, there is without a doubt a need to understand the dangers of exercise. The small ideas and fundamentals can produce serious and harmful side effects. Whether it is over exercising, joint problems, or addictiveness, exercise is an activity that should be well monitored. But even those who are experienced and knowledgeable are still exposed to the disadvantages of exercise.

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