Interior Design and Striking Mid-Century Modern Style

Joaquin Napier
Mar 21, 2017 · 4 min read

The interior world, like most things, is cyclical. Something that seems passé could stage a major comeback at any time. If you’re someone who focuses on home design crazes, you’re probably all too familiar with this concept. The hottest design sensation of the moment is all about eye-catching shapes and neat lines and angles. These elements are reminiscent of the mid-century modern look. This design movement, true to its name, was wildly popular in the middle of the twentieth century. This movement began in the beginning of the thirties and remained prominent for roughly three decades or so. People nowadays are finally starting to take notice of the dramatic and intense mid-century modern style. Mid-century modern styles have been staples on quite a few widely known television programs in past years. These styles have been seen in quite a few notable publications as well. Retailers lately have been selling more and more products that are influenced by the elegant mid-century modern look.

Mid-century modern style focuses on geometric forms. It makes use of vivid primary colors. It also makes use of muted natural tones, white and black. Mid-century modern elements can fit in well in all different parts of homes. They can be great in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Hiring an Interior Designer

If you want your home to have a stunning mid-century modern look, it can be smart to recruit the assistance of a talented interior designer who specializes in the concept. There are many skilled interior designers who have extensive knowledge that pertains to nostalgic and retro design schemes. A reliable interior designer can make sure you achieve mid-century modern style that’s fully in line with all your wishes. People generally pay about $4,776.00 to hire these professionals. There are some homeowners who spend close to $5,000.00 on them. There are others who spend a lot less. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to spend a little over $2,000.00 on interior design experts.

Furniture Choices

If you’re looking for a genuine mid-century modern appearance, you need to invest in the right furniture. This is 100 percent essential. Mid-century modern furnishings are characterized by sharp and angular forms and lines. Furniture that has multiple applications is also extremely common in the mid-century modern realm. Mid-century modern counters often fold and turn into lengthier tables. Mid-century modern style revolves around many rather unconventional materials as well. Examples of these include plexiglass, plywood and plastic.

Residential Kitchens and Mid-Century Modern Design

People who crave gorgeous mid-century modern kitchens generally rely on vivid colors and completely natural materials. Appliances that are made out of stainless steel are commonly seen in these kitchens. If you want an amazing mid-century modern kitchen, you need to concentrate on proper cabinet shapes. Mid-century modern kitchens typically include cabinets that are shaped similarly to the letter “L.” These cabinets generally are on the lean and narrow side. They typically feature storage elements that extend all the way to the ceiling.

Living Rooms and Mid-Century Modern Style

Geometric forms are common in mid-century modern living rooms. Other common living room design elements include wooden frames, tapered legs, gold accents and attractive sunburst mirrors. These components can all contribute to an authentic mid-century modern feel. You have no true need for faux stone panels in a mid-century modern living room. Faux stone panels, while beautiful, are usually more modern additions.

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