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We live in an hyper-connected society

Our world that is connected through the internet and social media. Millions of people are influenced and base their decisions by the information that is produced and transmitted in those channels. Let’s review some mindblowing statistics that illustrate the depth of Social Media influence our daily routines:

  • In 2018 social media users have grown up to 3.196 billion.
  • 95% of adults aged between 18–34 years old are more likely to follow a brand via social networking.
  • Facebook is capable of influence over half of the online purchases in a year.
  • There are over 50 million of small business using Facebook to connect with their customers.
  • Intagram has 1 billion users and 90% of them are younger than 35 years old.

All these figures prove the paramount importance that social media has. Also, since the advent of Blockchain technology, it has been possible to securely and transparently represent and monetize the value created by a social network. Therefore, a visionary team has created a project to boost the efficiency of marketing campaigns and to reward with more fairness and efficiency the influencers of social media networks. The Hinomaru will reach new highs thanks to Patron!

Social media influencers are ubiquitous

The days when only a selected few could become famous are already gone, now anyone with Social Network Services (SNS) can earn a name for himself through his blog, Youtube Channel, or his Instagram account. People can readily raise his influence-ability and establish new patrons of ideal image and forms.


Furthermore, celebrities and athletes might have a higher number of followers, but the impact they generate is sometimes outperformed by influencers with smaller follower numbers but with a more engaged and connected user base.

The ability of such influencers to lead the attention of a huge user base is undoubtedly valuable, and thanks to the Blockchain Technology we can represent, standardize, tokenize, and create a market for that tokenized value.

Patron, the platform that will create the influencer’s sharing economy

On Patron influencers and SNS users will be able to post and to find social media sharing economy content. Influencer’s SNS delivery frame is tokenized and people interested in each influencer’s audience will be able to purchase its communicating power for a fixed amount of time.


Patron targeted market is huge! Social media users count over two billion and social media micro/macro influencers add up to 8 million.

What benefits Patron will provide?

A great number of influencers are scattered will be able to be valued fairly. Also, pertinent influencers for each targeted audience will be readily available and the efficiency of each marketing campaign will be boosted.

Each influencer will be ranked based on three parameters:

  1. Dissemination ability / potential reach (i.e. number of followers)
  2. Level of Engagement
  3. Trust & evaluation by users

Patron Platform will have three types of users:

  • Influencers (Hosts):
    Influencers are people who can influence others through SNS.
  • Sponsors (Guests):
    Sponsors are parties interested in reaching the audience that each influencer has.
  • Fans (Followers):
    Fans are people that like the content created and shared by influencers.

Patron will create the first worldwide influencer marketplace. Each influencer potential reach, engagement level, relative followers buying activity, and resources will be valued and tokenized. Therefore, influencers will be ranked on each genre and on each SNS.

Guests will be able to know their hosts, information such as influencer’s communication preferences, target audience, and goals will be disclosed. Thus, a trusted system will be created for sponsors to manage their marketing campaigns.

How Influencers benefit from Patron

One of the fundamental advantages of Patron is that micro influencer’s value will be more fairly established. Also, each influencer will be able to receive a stable source of revenue for a chosen fixed period of time.

Influencers on live media such as Youtube Live, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live are highly valued. They will be able to choose their clients from a group of agencies, entertainment production industries, corporate sponsors, or individuals with high capital strength.


How Sponsors benefit from Patron

Information about influencers willingness to share certain kind of content and rankings of influencers followers’ buying activity will be disclosed. Therefore, sponsors will be able to boost the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

Since sponsors will negotiate the contract terms directly with influencers, no middleman will be required and the marketing campaign’s budget will be allocated to effectively raise branch and product awareness.

Also, marketing information can be spread more rapidly since a myriad of influencers will be available in one spot. Furthermore, Sponsors will be able to select from very detailed fields of influencer’s expertise such as fashion, sports, beauty, business, music, and many others.


How followers benefit from Patron

The Patron platform will enable influencers to reward valuable followers with the PAT utility token. Fans will be able to support their favorites influencers on the platform more effectively and they will be able to provide key information by rating influencers on the platform.

Also, followers will be able to get content aligned with their interest, ending the annoying spam-like advertising campaigns. The icing to the cake is that fans who hold PAT and that support influencers with their fan vote will be able to profit each time the supported influencer makes a contract.


Patron’s Economics

Patron Coin


The Patron Coin will be called PAT, it will be an ERC20 token. Patronwill distribute 240 million PAT out of a total supply of 400 million, the other 160 million will be used by Patron to fund long-term and strategic development.

Patron platform will relay in the well-proven Ethereum blockchain to create a smart contract ecosystem where smart contracts will be the ones to handle deals’ conditions, thus brokerage commissions will be eliminated, increasing the profit for each influencer while reducing the costs of each sponsor.

Patron fund allocation

  • DApps development: Patron will create various mobile applications that enhance the performance of each influencer. For example Patron Live will allow influencers to broadcast simultaneously to each live platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Line, and Twitter.
  • Patron Platform management: Patron will fund its most important task with the money raised during the ICO, this task is headhunting influencers all around the world through advertising and promotion campaigns to raise awareness about the platform. Also, Blockchain managements costs and server maintenance costs will be covered by the funds raised during the ICO.
  • Patron ICO: ICO initial and running cost, as well as Token & Coin development costs, will be balanced with the money raised during the token sale.
  • Company Setting: Patron will establish an office in Silicon Valley as well as an office on Tokyo. Also, Patron will set up a Youtube shooting studio, fund live programs distribution, and a space capable of hosting around 500 people for influencers meetings.

Patron use case

Influencers marketing is the next big deal on the advertisement industry, thus a Canadian citizen called Thomas invest part of his time to build an audience on his Youtube live broadcasts, he is a middle size influencer from Canada and he specializes into Anime promotion and reviews. He earns some extra revenue from his Youtube Channel views and subscriptions but they are not enough to cover all his expenses.


He loves to travel to Japan since he is a huge fan of Anime series and he is a good friend of a Japanese influencer called Sosuke. One day while visiting Japan, Thomas meets Sosuke and the later starts to talk about a very promising platform that he has just joined. Thomas tells the story of how his revenue has increased thanks to a contract he signed on Patron with a Local Anime Production Studio.


While listening to Sosuke, Thomas thinks that he is daydreaming… Patron offers just what Thomas needs to go full time on his job as an influencer. Sosuke contacts the Local Anime Production Studio thanks to the PatronPlatform direct message system and talks about the really specific niche that Thomas covers since his audience is composed of several thousand young anime fans in the U.S. and Canada. Actually, Thomas usually makes raffles and other events with the exclusive anime-related products that he brings from each trip to Japan.

The local Production Studio is seeking alternatives to start selling their products to other countries through e-commerce. They review the relevant information from Thomas on the Patron Platform, and they find out that he is just the influencer they need to carry on their marketing campaign. He will not charge unaffordable bills due to his mid-sized followers base. Also, Thomas audience is the exact niche that the anime production studio requires to start expanding their branch to another country.


Thanks to the Patron Platform the Anime Production Studio directly negotiates the deal’s conditions with Thomas, and they create a Smart Contract to enforce the agreed conditions. Finally, Thomas is able to invest more time and effort in his influencer’s activities since he has just signed a year-long contract with the Anime Production Studio that will guarantee a stable source of income. Also, the Anime Production Studio has guaranteed marketing campaigns with an influencer whose follower buying rate grants a effectiveness greater that they could get from a nonspecialized Youtuber with several hundreds of thousands of subscribers. They greatly reduced the costs of their marketing campaign while boosting its efficiency.


Patron will create the first world market for influencers to monetize their communicating power. A new paradigm in the advertising industry is upon us, and the Patron team have created a platform that will provide the necessary tools for the creation of a new market for the new Influencers Sharing Economy.

Influencers, followers, and sponsors of marketing campaigns will be able to engage in a win-win relation on the Patron ecosystem. The revenue earned by influencers will increase because an accurate ranking and pricing system will emerge from the market created on the PatronPlatform. Sponsors will reduce their marketing programs costs since brokers are no longer necessary, and followers will be able to support and earn from communicational power of their preferred influencer.


The impact of this new trend can be easily seen in some of the results of a survey taken in the U.S., according to the survey:

Only 3% of consumers would consider buying a product in-store if it was endorsed by a celebrity. 60% of respondents have taken blogs or social media posts into consideration while shopping. 
Quotation source

This survey shows that people ranged between 18–34 years old preferred “peer” advise over “celebrities” advise for their shopping decisions… being this the current trend, the forecasted scenario for Patron is highly promising.

Additional information about Patron

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