shoe deals have much more to do with player recognition than actual talent.

Harden is a more recognizable face than Wall, you’re right. I still also believe it is not by that much. (MVP runner-up is not an accolade, and Wall has made an All-NBA team. I guess defense doesn’t really count though :/)

You have to understand that Wall never bashed Beal on his money or anyone else. This narrative that Wall is jealous is extremely fabricated. This whole report wasn’t even based on the money, it was based on there relationship on the court! Somehow however people tend to bring up all the past issues and stories that have nothing to do with the topic today. And quite frankly I do not see anything wrong either than the particular words that he used. He was telling the truth as he usually does and I am more sure from my year watching the Wizards that it will help them more than hurt. These things need to be let out at times.

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