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Man this article is pure wack. Every based fact you mentioned came off another undisclosed “source”…AKA pulling information from other unreliable sources on google. This topic has been wildly overblown, and even more overblown into being a bad thing. They both were simply admitting the fact that they must get better at playing well together, which is very much true. Granted, both Wall and Beal could’ve gone without some choice words that truly sparked this conundrum, but what they were saying highlighted the fact that they are mature enough to understand their situation and what they must need to do to improve.

Wall has jealously issues? He commented on Jackson’s contract and gave him respect for the newfound success he received. He also never bashed Harden for his money, but only wanted the respect that Adidas was giving Harden which I understand 100%. Why can’t he do that? What has Harden done or won over Wall? How has he improved his team since he’s been in Houston? Not to mention the work that Wall has put into the COMMUNITY (I am a DC Native). What merit do you have over Harden earning 200m while asking Wall to take 7.5m? Do you understand how disrespectful that is? You’re basically saying that Wall is about 10 steps below Harden, which we all know is nowhere near the truth. ANY athlete would feel disrespected at such an offer. The fact that these “reports” are coming out months after the whole situation and at this very moment also gives way to how fake these reports are.

“They’re fundamentally different, I’m told. Wall likes to party, but Beal doesn’t get out much. Beal spends tons of hours in the gym, but Wall doesn’t, and is still a significantly better player, a three-time All-Star.”

Another fabricated ass story. You just made up a whole line up to fit your agenda basically. “I’m told” definitely gives it away, but how do you know so much about their personal lives? Who told you John doesn’t spend hours in the gym? He just naturally got much better from his time as a rookie to now right? THEN you go to mention that one guy spends hours in the gym but the one that doesn’t is the three-time all-star. God help us.

“They might not actually need each other though. Beal’s efficiency numbers since 2013 are virtually identical when Wall is on the floor (49.1 effective field goal percentage) as they are when he’s not (49.6 eFG%). And the Wizards performed about the same last season with a backcourt pairing of Wall-Beal (plus-2.7 net rating), as they did with Wall and Garrett Temple (plus-2.3) or Ramon Sessions (plus-2.4), per NBA Wowy”

Another skewed as story. Half of this data does not account for the fact that one of them (mostly Beal) was injured half the time.

This article is just extremely misleading and very inaccurate. You should come up with more significant facts before posting stuff like this. That means not clicking the first 3 articles that pop up on your google homescreen.

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