Dr Zakir Naik Bangla — Purpose of our life

dr zakir naik bangla talked about the purpose of our life. It is the lastest bangla lecture by Dr zakir naik.


In this bangla video lecture , He talked about different purpose our life. Some of them are following bellow 
1 . Destination have to be specific
2. Destination have to be profitable
3. Do not leave Hereafter for earth
4. Destination have to be Measured
5. Destination have to be purpose
6. Destination have to be Steady
7. Talked about IZHAR-UL-HAQ by Maolana Rahmatolla kayronobi
8. Challenge against Cristian and so on

Watch this awesome jakir naik bangla lecture and clear your destination of your life. dr. zakir naik bangla lecture is the greatest way to learn about islam.

Everybody should watch dr zakir naik bangla lecture.

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Keep Watching :)

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