Big musicians penny pinching Youtube

The best thing in the world is a very successful artist who complains when he/she loses out on more money that they already have. Popular musicians lately are going after YouTube and other streaming sites because they don’t attack piracy on it’s sites and the big record companies and artists are “Suffering”.

The biggest thing that all streaming sites seem to have a problem with is paying enough royalties to the artists. Obviously the cost payed to the artist per download is going to be lower than the golden age of CDs , but I think the number can be higher than it is currently.

I just think caring about getting free publicity by the public sharing your music is a bit over the top. There are also different stories going around about this subject (and this) .Big record companies, Spotify, Youtube and Pandora are working together with the Berkeley College of Music and MIT to reform royalties and copyright infringement.

Humans throughout history will always go with the path of least resistance and this whole situation is no different. We just have to find the balance between royalties and free music because that will always be here regardless of anyone’s efforts.