Chocolate making and a New Group !

Day 18

Our last full day in Antigua was also a sad day as we say goodbye to our first group of awesome companions and we get to meet a whole different group. Only five of us remain on until the end of the month and that is Emma, Thalia, Anna, Kayla and myself. We get three new travelers who be with us until the end of month.

I had a scare with my action camera as it had fogged up in the home stay because of the condensation. So I will now be able to still show awesome underwater adventures !

We started the day after breakfast with a stop over at a popular coffee shop called El Refugio or The Refuge. Emma and I shared an iced mocha which was delicious. After that we checked out the local markets for any sort of trinkets to take home as gifts.

We also went to a chocolate making class where we learned how valuable chocolate was to the Mayan people. It was used as currency and was definitely only enjoyed by the rich and royalty.

When we went to dinner with our new group and new tour guide we had a lovely time ! After dinner we went for some final drinks back at the Irish bar and things got a little hairy !! Off to Copan Honduras tomorrow !

Us walking on the street of Antigua
The coffee shop
The breakdown of the cocoa bean !
The amazing food at the restaurant that night !
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