Granada Day 2

Day 26

It was an all day tour of Granada that started early and our first stop was Monkey Island. To get to the island we went by boat and saw many islands owned by wealthy families. Most of the monkeys on the island were spider monkeys and one little capuchin. All the monkeys are rescue monkeys and the best monkey was the fat monkey. After that we went to the city’s cemetery which was huge. There are several former presidents of Nicaragua and lots of wealthy people of the town as well buried in the cemetery.

After that we went to a local market where Emma bought some gifts for her nephews. We had lunch after the market overlooking a huge volcanic crater filled with water. After lunch we all went swimming in the lake and went kayaking as well. That was so much fun, the water was clear, fresh and amazing.

Our last spot of the day was seeing lava up close at the top of a volcano. We drove about 20 mins, parked and walked about 5 feet and saw amazing lava ! Now that’s the way to see a volcano with as little hiking as possible. The irony of this will be known when we get to Ometepe Island which we leave for tomorrow !

A wealthy families private island
A very fat monkey
He moved so slowly
An ancient volcanic crater now a lake
It was a huge lake
The Glow from the Volcano
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