Hanging out in L.A for a Day

Day 35

Emma and I arrived in L.A late in the day and checked into our hotel by the airport. We had a day layover before we fly out to Australia the next day, it was nice to have all the travel split up into 2 days instead of one.

In the morning we had breakfast and forgot how big american breakfasts are as we could’ve shared one of the items on the menu and been quite happy. Myron came and picked us up at the hotel for our day of fun in L.A. Our first place we went was Santa Monica and it was the first time I had been there and it was quite amazing. After that we went to Rodeo drive to check out all the expensive shops and we walked around the block to check out some of houses in Beverly Hills which were pretty crazy.

Myron drove us into Hollywood and we checked out the walk of fame, which was pretty dirty and busy. I had no idea the area was so sketchy looking, I’ve always seen it on TV with the academy awards. When we got back near the airport Myron took us to his parent’s restaurant where we had some delicious Mexican food.

After we said goodbye to Myron after he drop us off at the airport we got ready to go Australia and start our adventure there. What a wonderful journey and now it’s time embrace a new start and see where this takes us !!

Beautiful Santa Monica pier
Expensive sign !
Some Dali Inspired art
Nice car !
Rolling in my Rolls Royce !
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