The Amazing Gord Downie

The poet Gord Downie has left the Earth, his music and lyrics will a part of our country forever.

He will be remembered (as well as his band The Tragically Hip) for forging a canadian rock legend path instead of a North American or American path. They played Saturday Night Live in 1995 and went more for their new songs at the time then knocking out the American audience. This was just who they were as a band, they never changed to get a different audience. Gord and the band knew they already had one.

Canadians plain and simple. When I first wanted to see them I knew they were playing the Commodore in Vancouver. Well they sold out the first night in a minute and the second about just as fast and they had to add a third show which also sold out.

The weird, wacky and wonderful group made it their business to know that we would always have a band there for just us and no one else. That was what was so special about them.

I’ve also found out on their “ Up To Here” tour which was to promote their first album. They played with Nirvana in Madison, Wisconsin. What an amazing show that would’ve been to see two amazing bands for apparently four dollars.

I will always take inspiration from him knowing that you don’t to have to write lyrics like everyone else or perform like everyone else. It’s these weird and wonderful ways in which he expressed himself as an artist that will stick with me the most.

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