The Volcano Hike

Day 28

A very early start for our volcano hike up Concepcion began fairly easy with some rocks here and there but mostly a solid path. After about 30 mins though the trail became very very difficult. We had to climb over rocks, roots and literally over trees all the while being on a steep incline. We saw howler monkeys and they were very vocal welcoming us to the volcano.

Every once in a while we had a view through the trees and could see how high we were getting. By the time we had lunch the tree line was thinning and all that was left were small bushes, grass and lots of rocks. The top of the volcano was never in sight and always in the clouds. The hardest part of the hike was the loose lava rock trails. It made it very slippery and hard to climb, our tour guide Maria couldn’t make it up. She slipped, fell and cut her leg open and couldn’t continue up the volcano.

Thalia knows first aid and helped her stop the bleeding but we weren’t exactly in the best situation so Emma and I forged ahead to go for help. By the time we got to a guide he was already coming back down the volcano because the weather was turning bad. You could smell sulfur in the air so we knew we had gotten close to the top but not quite. Once we started going back down the mountain a big rain storm started with howling winds and stinging rain. So now an already dangerous hike on a volcano was even more dangerous.

The best part of the whole thing were these large volcanic sand river beds that we scaled down and made it much easier to get down the mountain. It was an experience like no other and I wouldn’t do it again anytime soon but I’m glad I did it and so is Emma. I think the moral of the story is always respect a volcano, mountain or any hike for that matter as on this day the volcano beat us to a pulp.

Once we got back we had an amazing hot shower, food and few drinks to toast our 9.5 hour volcano hike adventure!

Early views of our hike
Ometepe is a beautiful island
Still climbing up …
So ominous !
The jungle was very thick !
Going back down using the volcanic river
All of us going back down
Beautiful sunset after a great day
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