This is What’s wrong with Democracy

So I just read a headline on Facebook that says three big donors from the Democratic party along with George Soros are going to get together to discuss how to beat Trump. That right there tells me that the Dems have no idea what has happened to their party in this election and that they miss the point.

Once again Old People in Politics (just like in business) seem to think they have to push back against a brick wall to get anything done. The biggest thing wrong with politics is that it is a business, so many people have so much invested with who wins.

With that also comes the fact that no one can work together to achieve something great. Both parties just like in most countries don’t work together because then they would be aiding in the “other guys” policies getting passed and would appear weak. Politicians and billionaires would rather fight it out with the other party rather than help the poor or make houses more affordable. Everyone has an agenda and they’ll be damned to let someone else pass a bill that they can stop.

It’s no wonder someone like Trump got in because he’s not a politician, he’s a great salesman for sure but he gave something to the people of America that no politician on either side could give; easy change.

Trump’s stance on the world and what he’s going to do to the environment and to Americans health will either make the people of the US stand up for their country and take him out in four years or think that Oil jobs are great and hey we don’t need lots of foreign workers to get the job done.

The Americans needed a war last time to show how ingenuitive they were and that lasted them well into the twentieth century when it comes to technology and science. Now they’ve lost that spark because they needed someone like Trump to come along kick them in the ass and maybe stir them up enough to care about what’s happening to them and their country.

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