When all else fails turn the other Cheek

The world we live teaches us to refrain from getting upset. To not be passionate. If you love what you do and I mean really love it. But then someone comes along and tells you that it’s a waste of time or no good, you are going to get upset.

Now of course not listening to others when an idea or a way of living is being a destructive influence on you it’s also important not to shut out those people as well. You must ultimately make the decision. Take the time to be more self aware of yourself and to check in to see how you are feeling. This is a very important way to determine which direction to go.

All Directions lead to Joy and Happiness.

It’s simply a matter of choosing which adventure to take. Exercise this muscle of passion in whatever form it comes in. I love to write, it helps me express how I am feeling and opens my eyes to things I wouldn’t normally see. Film making does this too but in a different way. These ways of expressing myself will lead me into Joy and Happiness. What makes you so happy ? Passion is a way of life!

I am


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