Sketches & Wireframes: Monster Hunter App

I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan, and design nerd about it.

From the exciting announcement that Monster Hunter Generations is coming to the west, I wanted to tackle a simple Monster Hunter game data application. In this article I will start with the wireframes and then continue the design exercise in future posts.


Monster Hunter is an extremely deep game and you can easily get lost in all the data. For us in the United States, we have two main sources when it comes to monster information, armor upgrades, maps, and every other bit of data you would want to know:

Monster Hunter Wiki

These two outlets are good, but not great, and especially problematic when it comes to viewing them on a mobile device.


I like the concepts of both of these websites, but I truly feel there is a better way to display this content. Tasking myself with this project for just one afternoon of work, I feel I’ve started head to in the right direction.


It always starts with sketches.

Like my little monster drawing? Yeah, you are looking at a pro.
Simple data navigation, I had an idea of laying out the armor like you would on you body, but not sure if that is a direction I want to go.

Wireframes, Using Adobe Experience Design

Another exciting announcement was from Adobe. About a week ago Adobe released access to their Experience Design application. I thought why not give it a shot:

Wireframing in Adobe Experience Design

Basic Navigation

I still have quite a few flows to complete, but I hope this is enough to see my thought process and get a basic understanding of how the application will work.

Home Page + Navigation Menu
Monsters + Diving into a Monster
Armor + Blademaster + Diving into a Head Armor

Next Steps

I plan working on this project little by little over the coming months. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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