Meeting Hacks — share yours on #WorkSmartChat

Meetings take up a huge chunk of time at work every week. In fact, most employees attend an average of 15 meetings a week, half of which are considered unproductive by the attendees. So what can be done about the bad meeting epidemic?

Join us to discuss meeting hacks on #WorkSmartChat on Twitter. Share your experiences of what works to make your meetings more productive!

#WorkSmartChat is on Wednesday 28 September at 3pm PDT, 6pm EDT, 11pm BST, which is Thursday 29 September at 8am AEST (because Aussies live in the future!). This week’s chat will go for 30mins.

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Meeting Hacks — the questions

We’ll be asking these questions during #WorkSmartChat

  1. What are your main frustrations with meetings?
  2. What are the characteristics of a successful meeting?
  3. What are your hacks for taking useful meeting notes?
  4. What are your top tips for creating an effective meeting agenda?
  5. What will meetings look like in the future?

The Problem with Meetings

Meetings take up an awful lot of our time. Considering how little work you can actually DO in meetings, they can be a very costly way of using our time. It is easy to understand why companies such as Facebook have implemented “no meeting Wednesday” to try and curb the time spent in meetings.

This infographic by the TED team shows how meetings can be a huge drain on resources.

New to Twitter Chats? Here’s how to join #WorkSmartChat

Here’s how to join #WorkSmartChat on Twitter:

  1. Add the event to your calendar so you know when to tune it (links above)
  2. Go to Twitter. Search for #WorkSmartChat.
  3. Click on the “Live” tab to see the live feed of tweets about #WorkSmartChat
  4. Introduce yourself! Answer questions, comment on others answers and join in the chat fun!

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Add your comments and questions for the topic below and we’ll share them during the chat!

Originally published at on September 21, 2016.

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