Remember the ideas you care about.

I wrote this “manifesto” when I was 21 years old. I’m posting it as proof of how cool I was. I mean… just look at the Bruce Lee background and the great typography /sarcasm

It’s a bit embarrassing to read back on this, no doubt. I sound like a Tony Robbins cultist, but it did help me through some tough times when I had zero idea what I was doing (a still frequent scenario).

Well, it did help me when I actually remembered them.

You see, a big problem I’ve had throughout my entire life is that it’s always been hard to live up to all these ideas I supposedly believed in because I just couldn’t remember them all. This applies to nearly everything. I read so many interesting articles or books or watch videos all the time where great ideas abound. Motivation! Innovation! Dents in the universe and all that jazz.

The thing is it feels good to read about all these interesting ideas (mind orgasms as some call them). They give life so much potential. Oh the possibilities if you applied and used them all. How many of those ideas do you actually end up remembering to use though? I’m betting just a small sliver.

I’m not any different. Of course my pedestrian brain could never remember them all. I’m unfortunately not a robot (some would disagree) nor a competitive memorizer. Human brains are in general much better at understanding than remembering. Hence computers!

I’d write down notes in Evernote, email thoughts to myself, scribble in my notebook, and more but it was never enough because they’d all be forgotten unless I went back and refreshed my memory for every single one. I consider myself pretty disciplined and tried things like setting manual reminders in my calendar but in the end it was way too much effort. Most ideas ended up just gathering cobwebs in the deep corners of my notebooks and inboxes.

That’s why a few months ago I decided to spend a weekend with a friend building a simple tool to help solve this problem. All it did was let me put in ideas I want to remember, then once a day it’d email me a random one from that list.

That was the genesis of I used it for a month and it helped me remember and keep top of mind ideas like “buy less, but better” to remind myself to stop buying low quality products that just cluttered my life. Or certain design principles that helped me better frame and talk about my designs to coworkers. Or just random things like “command-control-space opens up the emoji keyboard.”

An example of a user’s list of ideas they’re remembering

It was working, so we decided to flesh it out into a real product. I mean, everyone needs help remembering what inspires them, don’t they? That’s our hope at least.

The product we’re launching with is still very simple but with a few additional features and twists:

  • Instead of just sending ideas at random, we integrated principles of spaced repetition. The system chooses based on which ideas have been sent less and which ones you’ve actually checked.
  • You can set an idea as remembered so you don’t receive them anymore. Occasionally we’ll randomly send one from that list instead of what you’re currently remembering to see if you actually still remember it (think Timehop).
  • You can set an idea as public and have a profile of ideas you think are worth remembering. Other people can come and start remembering those ideas (or make their own list). We think of it as “idea shopping.” Here’s my profile.
  • Each idea has an event history: when you added it, when reminders are sent, when you’ve checked it, etc.
  • We’ve added the idea of “curated ideas” with lists of ideas from famous books or people. You can check out the initial lists on our homepage or here’s one on the top five regrets of the dying.

We feel pretty good about this solving a problem that affects a lot of people. It was also just fun to design and a way to get better at CSS animations.

So hop on over to, sign up, and let me know what you think. You could use it to start remembering your own manifesto, just without the Bruce Lee background.


You can find me on Twitter @jobosapien, I’d love to chat.

Curious to know our reasons and inspiration behind certain decisions? Read our “appendix” post.

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