In Simplest Terms: What I Believe in 2017
E Sailer Sklar

I agree with the majority of what you wrote above. The constant negative focus on the opposition has been getting us nowhere as society moves on towards collaboration with government trying to scurry to catch up to appear relevant.

I especially agree with focusing on career politicians and removing them Republican or Democrat. One major reason I supported Trump is simply because he is an outsider to political process. He now has the broadest political spectrum of advisers shaping his administration- New York Democrats, Midwest Conservatives, Establishment Republicans and professionals who are most likely partisan agnostic.

Even if you don’t agree with Trump’s policies, his election will bring future candidates to the process who are not the professional, establishment politicians. It could be the most important change to our democracy in the last 50 years.

Lastly I would propose that the people you are most worried about in urban areas have been governed by liberal Democrats almost exclusively for decades. Given the state of the Democratic party and most of our inner cities- it’s way past time for new ideas and new leadership. The money is there to help people but so long as the funding is seen as a patronage jobs program for the Democratic party- a good amount of it gets wasted. We need to scrap huge parts of all levels of government and either rebuild them or maybe not.

I think government should be customized for each individual citizen with opt-in and opt-out based programs. And it should all be mobile. I also think we can begin to move away from the republic model of democracy to a more direct democracy.

Disrupting the status quo for both parties and the political establishment is the most important step forward right now for democracy from either side of the political spectrum.

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