BE the Gator!

Finding a job can be overwhelming, you may feel like you are…

· Living in the vast Louisiana swamp — there are so many employers looking for dedicated, diverse, qualified employees. So how do you find these employers?

· Amongst thousands of species — there are so many applicants bringing diverse levels of experience to the table. How does an employer find you?

· Fighting for the same prey — how do you stand out amongst all of the applicants?

Here are 3 things you can do to stand out and be like a gator, at the top of the swamp food chain.

1. Be Hungry — Utilize free resources, job boards like GatorPosting, as much as you can. Capitalize on networking, whether it be in-person or virtually through social media.

2. Select Your Prey Wisely — Be selective about which jobs you apply for. Clearly define your goals and target employers that meet your criteria. Don’t just apply to anything and everything. But, if you do, update your resume and/or work history for each and every job you apply to.

3. Keep Swimming & Be Patient — Your persistence will pay off. Employers will notice your efforts. The right job will come along. Heck, it might be waiting for you right now on GatorPosting.

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