Spend it Wisely

Time is of the essence. Time keeps on ticking. Time waits for no man. We have all heard the many clichés about time and the future. Time is never ending, invisible, and arguably the most valuable “thing” on earth; yet you can’t touch it, smell it, taste it, or use it as payment at the store. But you are always spending time — sometimes wisely and sometimes not so wisely.

Poor use of time when it comes to the recruiting and hiring process is not only poor planning, as well as a waste of money, it might just be detrimental to your business. Wow — that sounds severe — and it is!

Your company advertises the open marketing position Tuesday on GatorPosting.com and waits for incoming applications. The hiring manager starts receiving emailed applications right away but she is busy (managing after all) and decides that she will allocate next Monday to reviewing applicants. Monday arrives and by early afternoon the hiring manager is busy sifting through dozens of emailed applications and has identified a few she thinks may be the employee she is looking for. Before leaving the office, the hiring manager emails the applicants she is interested in and sends them a potential employee survey link that the company requires all applicants to complete.

Tuesday the hiring manager receives email notification that two applicants completed the survey. Operations (the way the company makes money) keeps her very busy for the remainder of Tuesday so it isn’t until Wednesday morning when she can call each of the applicants to invite them to meet her Friday afternoon for an interview.

Friday gets here in a blink of an eye and the hiring manager interviews each applicant before lunch. The second applicant was stellar. She has a degree in Marketing, twelve years of online marketing experience, and ten years of management. To top it off she has a dynamite personality; very friendly, very professional, and a great sense of humor. She will fit the team nicely! Monday the hiring manager is going to offer her the job.

Monday the hiring manager has left a message for “stellar applicant” to give her a call. She would love to speak to her about the job they discussed last Friday. Tuesday morning (two weeks after receiving the application) the applicant returns the hiring manager’s call and tells her that she appreciates the offer but that she just accepted another position with a competitor.

Yes — poor use of time when it comes to the recruiting and hiring process is detrimental to your business! When it comes to recruiting, time truly is of the essence. Hiring managers that procrastinate, are too busy, or just keep searching for the “perfect” candidate usually find that their search gets extended because “all the desirable applicants have already found work.” Oftentimes the real reason you are still searching for your employee is because your recruiting and hiring process is just too lengthy. It is important to remember that it may be your job to find a qualified applicant to fill the company’s open position, but the applicant’s only job is to find employment.

Seize the moment and hire the employee you have been looking for. Schedule and conduct necessary interviews as soon as possible. If it is necessary to consult other department managers about the new hire do so timely. Once you identify the applicant you want and need, make contact and make an offer as soon as possible. Hone your recruiting and hiring skills and put time on your side. Time is valuable. Spend it wisely and make it a friend!