How to agree on a time across timezones

If you have to communicate a time to people in different timezones, use the following format: Wednesday 5PM UTC, November 4.


UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time. It is not a timezone, therefore it is not subject to daylight-savings time.

UTC is normally displayed as 24-hour time. This can be ambiguous to people from timezones where AM/PM is preferred over 24-hour time. AM/PM is unambiguous for everyone.

Including the day of the week and the date helps with avoiding misunderstandings about dates and days.

How do I know what the time is for me?

Use one of these tools:

I also recommend you schedule your appointments by inviting people through Google Calendar, which does the hard work for you.

StatusClock for Mac OSX gives you a second clock in the menubar that you can set to UTC:

Who does this?

Our team at GitLab is all over the world. We struggle with this every day.

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