How to work Remotely with 150+ people

Work asynchronously, keep a single source of truth, avoid management overhead and communicate.

The key is working asynchronously. Work in a way that you don’t require or create the requirement for face-to-face communication.

Write everything down and keep a single source of truth that everyone has access to and can easily find.

Set requirements and expectations upfront and give people the responsibility to meet those.

Avoid recurring meetings. Give space for flexibility and do not inflate the value of remote work by creating a schedule for other people.

Avoid creating too much process. If responsibilities are clear, the process will emerge from the interactions of the collaborators.

When you do have meetings, focus on what is harder in writing: bonding, brainstorming, giving and receiving feedback.

Teach everyone how to contribute to the single source of truth, no exceptions. Require regular contributions from everyone.

Always iterate on your processes, but avoid overhead and people management as much as possible.