Interview: how to work remotely with 150+ people

After posting How to work remotely with 150+ people, I’ve received many requests to elabore. Here I answers some questions sent to me by Vlad.

What are the tools you’re using to communicate inside the company?

How do you organize your Slack channels?

Do you have any rituals, schedules?

How often do you meet in real life? And what are the best tips you can give on this?

How easy it was to convince your investors to invest in a remote company?

How hard it is to find employees willing to work in a remote company?

As you think about the future of your business and this type of work, what are you the most excited about?

What is your primary source of inspiration when learning about remote working?

What are the major downsides of working remote?

How do you track how much time each employee spend on each task?

Do you have procedures or only guidelines?

What is your favourite thing you like when working remote?



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