Joby Schraier — Devise a Car Buying Strategy

Joby Schraier is an individual who knows more than his fair share about car buying. He started out in the automotive business nearly twenty years ago, and he continues to build on his successes. At the present time, he is the finance director for a Dodge dealership that is situated just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Over the years that he has been in the business, he has seen many changes, and technology has been at the core of the evolution. Of course, there have been steady advances in automotive engineering, and this is part of the equation. Plus, the Internet has had a huge impact on the automotive industry in numerous ways. Without question, access to information on the Internet has been beneficial to car buyers, because there is a great deal of information out there.

Joby Schraier

If you are going to be buying a new car, you should plan ahead and give yourself enough time to go through certain practical steps so that you can be sure you are making the right decision. The Internet can be your greatest asset when you are going through the process. At first, you have to determine the class of car that you are going to focus on. This can be a difficult choice to make, because there are so many possibilities. Do you want a car that has a lot of power, or is fuel efficiency more important to you? Are you a family person who is going to be transporting your children, or are you a single person who would like to project a certain type of image?

Once you settle on the general class of car that you are going to be looking for, you should gain an understanding of your budgetary limits. As you are doing this, you would do well to gain an understanding of your credit score if you have not already done so. If you have especially good credit, you will pay a lower interest rate when you obtain a car or truck loan. A finance manager like Joby Schraier can find lenders that offer very low interest rates for people who have excellent credit. This is something that would factor into your buying power when you are setting a budget.

After you determine the type of car that you want and you know how much you can spend, you can roll up your sleeves and start to do your research in earnest. There are numerous different highly respected entities that rate new and used cars objectively. These would include Edmunds, J.D. Power, Car and Driver, and Consumer Reports. Once you narrow it down to a single gem that is a perfect fit, you can go down to the dealership and discuss financing with a professional like Joby Schraier.

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