My blogging pattern !!

I didn't blog for more than 3 weeks as of now , was tied up with lot of work and life.

Technically speaking was quite lazy about writing posts and blogging , i had hundreds and thousands of ideas to post. Somehow i stopped for a while , to know my blogging style.

Begin into blogging, for 5 months as of now , i have learned lot more about blogging. I should say i loved the feeling of blogging and made me a better person when i started to unravel the vertical limits of newbie blogger.

I was exhausted easily i do have a daily job to take care of and this blogging too, how will i manage??

Well blogging is not a easy task , you need to consider it so seriously.Its not just easy task , you can write something with keyword stuffed and hit the publish button, lot many things goes under one successful blog post which happens behind the screen.

So i always go out of time to update my blogs or write one. So i ended up in this plan , i was making sure i am collecting enough data for my next blog posts and in mean time i update my blogs.

So now a days i started to follow this formula for blogging

Blogging pattern —

  1. Organize your ideas

Make sure your ideas are collected into one place and sanitized it might come up with different ideas when you write one. In order to over deal the temptation of moving away with a different topic. Do consolidate your ideas about your next post into a word document and prioritize , arrange in such a order it makes sense to you.

Then move on with the second step

2)Prepare hints about the ideas

Once your ideas are ordered , you would have a better idea where to start and how to start your blog post.

3)Expand the Hints into contents

It gives you enough time for your brain to work with vocabulary and imagination spins into action and thus a good content is formed.

4)Proof Read it for 5 times before you publish

Proofreading helps you to find something you have missed , while you were drafting , it might be the essential ingredients about your blog post.


Viola!! Mission Accomplished …. :)

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