How to Install Ubuntu 16.04 on a Retina MacBook 11,2

This is by far the best evaluation that i’ve seen about the interaction and usage of the bitten apple and Linux, and this was insanelly helpful to cool down my machine and extending the battery life over than 3h with the acpi interrupt tweak. I’ve been digging a lot about how to use linux with a macbook pro without completely destroying the machine with overheat and other minor things that were ruining my computer and now it works better than ever. This post should be fixed in some ubuntu community, a LOT of people are having big issues mostly with the 16.04 version, wich is expectable. This post was just over the top, precise and completely accessible even for regular users with very basic programming knowledge. Hopefully the cannonical community will develop tools for linux to be easier for most people to use, but as long as it doesn’t happens, thanks a freakin lot for taking the time to make such a valuable contribution. It’s hard to explain for most people with would you install free software in your shinny macbook, but the truth is that performance isn’t everything, i guess that we are all looking for some sort of freedom that this ridiculous informatic market has taken from us, and the free software seems to be a very decent path to follow on minimizing our deep contradictions with all this comercial bullshit. Thanks a lot, following your tips i turned my macbook from a sluggish 1:20h lasting battery thing to a hi performance computer tailored by free minds. It’s a big thing in my small universe, i guess.

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