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Photo by Christopher Windus on Unsplash

A Partial List

  1. His mail-in ballot
  2. The doorknob of his extramarital affair bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel
  3. A full-page newspaper ad calling for the death of innocent Black children
  4. The closed door of a changing room for teenage girls
  5. An executive order effectively banning Muslims from entering the United States
  6. Whatever he thinks the little crackers at church are
  7. Ivanka’s hips
  8. A mysterious glowing orb
  9. Six bankruptcy filing forms
  10. Pussies (various, non-consensual)
  11. His golf putter, mid-pandemic
  12. The Twitter app, to type 234 tweets calling other people losers (at time of this writing)
  13. His bunker door.

Joanna Castle Miller

Writer, Producer, Comedy of Errors. Satire and political commentary (Time, McSweeney’s, Funny or Die, The Hill).

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