Jocelyn Heredia : Dating in the hookup culture/Dating in the modern age

My documentary is about how the dating rules have changed with today’s youth. It will mostly be about college students, teens, and early 20s. I want to mostly bring about dating apps, how courtship has changed, and the different approach there is to dating with comparison to the more conservative dating era. The action takes place every single day in the little devices we carry around and can’t keep our hands off of. Dating has been drastically changing with the introduction to technology, smart phones, social media, and dating apps. This is relevant to my audience because this is the era we live in and finding companionship is something that passes through everyone’s mind constantly. I think the viewer can become involved by reflecting the details of the video with their own dating life and either relating to it or becoming curious about the different forms of dating in this era. I visualize this story opening up with a couple dating in the more conservative era, maybe getting milkshakes, having doors opened, or something that is kind of taboo in today’s day. Then I would like a shot of dating in today’s era with people countlessly swiping on Tinder. I would like a lot of live shots to bring today’s dating reality to life.

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