The Polarizing Rhetoric of the Left is Scary
Emma Lindsay

I’m sorry but this is simply indefensible. People voted for Trump despite the fact that he was, by any reasonable and objective measure:

Not competent, had openly mocked the disabled, had shown disrespect and disdain for an American soldier who sacrificed his life for this country — and the reason for the disdain? His religion. He said a judge could not make objective judgments because of his Mexican heritage. An American judge! (even Paul Ryan said that was racist). Years after he falsely accused black men who had been cleared by DNA he said they still belonged in jail and during the second debate he refused to apologize to our President for 6 years or saying he was not qualified for the position because he was not born in this country. The list goes on and on.

It does not matter if you can THINK of reasons why someone would still vote for him. There is no objective or reasonable reason for a person to do so that does not sacrifice the dignity and safety of their fellow citizens. In the most basic and real way. As far as I am concerned that is a BREAKING OF THE AMERICAN SOCIAL CONTRACT. THIS IS NOT ACADEMIC. I AM NOW AT VERY REAL RISK BECAUSE OF THESE PEOPLE.

This is not speculation. Look at who he has nominated for AG. That person will be in charge (among many other things) the civil rights division — you know, the people who watch the cops. So when they shoot unarmed citizens (many of whom are black) this guy will decide if anything real is done about it.

Noting you can say about HRC comes anywhere close to this (and BTW, go back and read the full “deplorable” quote).

Spare me the lectures, I will absolutely hold people accountable for their voting behavior, don’t you dare accuse me of dehumanization or potential violence.

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