How I wish

“shallow focus photography of two person holding hands” by Paul García on Unsplash

I saw a couple sitting at a pub
Holding hands 
Their whispers drowned
By the loud music
Her braids in a bun
They smile at each other
And sip their drinks
He’s into her
She’s into him
Their teeth sink into the grilled chicken resting on their table
I watch the scene and think of you
His eyes radiate love
His smile exudes passion
For her sweet little heart
I walk from the scene
Happy and sad
Happy that they seem to enjoy a love so sweet and beautiful
Sad that we’re yet to share something like this
The distance causing creeks in our love
The sound of your love
Lost in the folly of life
How I dream of you
How I wish to kiss you
Hold your hand
And walk this walk with you
Talk this talk with you
How I wish…
How I wish…