Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
David Robinson

I really appreciate the story. But your lodging (as near as I can figure out from your description) was not in an old “warehouse district.” “Uptown” used to be “Downtown.” 
 I lived in Oakland from 1951–74; the neighborhood around where I’m pretty sure you were staying (Broadway/Telegraph/San Pabl0, from about 10th to 27th streets) was a thriving DOWNTOWN. Office buildings (I worked at the large telephone company complex from ‘65-’72), government buildings, the Oakland Tribune, big department stores - Kahns/Rhodes, I. Magnin, Capwells, (the “Sears” in your story — they moved there from 27th/Telegraph some years back), two “five and dimes,” stationers/office supply, jewelers, shops that today we would call “boutiques,” etc. “Downtown” had pretty much been gutted by competition from outlying new mall developments and general “white flight” to the suburbs. 
 There was a large YMCA building at Telegraph and 22nd (?), perhaps that is the made-over “warehouse” where you stayed??

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