The Different Aspects of White Bridesmaid Dresses

White is a symbol of eternal beauty, class and purity and also a classical colour of weddings. Even if there are different shades to match with the venue, season and flowers, this colour never fails to play an iconic role with its romantic charm and beauty. As per the traditional customs, white is the usual colour of the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses are supposed to be in contrast with it in such a way that the appearance of the bridesmaids does not surpass the bride’s looks in beauty. With changing fashion and modern wedding trends, however, this neutral shade is also used as a colour for bridesmaid dresses in the modern times. These are often combined with contrasting bouquets, colourful accessories and sashes.

If someone deserves the credit for bringing white into wedding fashion, it is none other than Queen Victoria. She was the first bride to wear an ivory gown during her own wedding, looking all graceful in something that was not as per the best fashion prevalent in that time. Soon after, white became a symbol of high stature and magnificence in royal household. Alabaster bridal gowns were also preferred due to the belief that they can ward off diabolic spirits. As a result, darker shades were discouraged and ivory dresses began to be considered pious as well as suitable for weddings events.

The Different Styles

Designs and styles of dresses in white are ideal for representing olden times when this hue was not worn just for the colour, but also for displaying status and class. Nowadays, bridesmaid dresses in this shade without straps are an appealing option. Other variants such as long and panelled with laces, poly satin paired with sash and drop waistlines are also quite popular. Modern sweetheart bridesmaid dresses feature a complete skirt with side draping for an exquisite look. Irrespective of how the fashion trends change, white is a colour that still works perfectly with any wedding venue, drapery, flowers and dresses for the party.

Amazing Contrasts

Bridesmaid dresses in white are tailored using designs that are in contrast to the neutral shade, such as dual toned bows for the waistline, vibrant satin sash with an A-line dress or colourful laces. There are also matte satin types with skirts flared gently and boat neckline. Most attires have detailings of front bow which matches with tinge of other colours found in bridesmaid attires.

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