The “I DON’T WANT KIDS” Manifesto
Abby Norman

Do you know me? Cause you’ve just said everything I’ve felt and experienced my entire life about not wanting to have kids, including knowing that as a small child. I am now in my late 40s — hopefully my last egg has dried up — and I still get those comments.

If you wake up on day — maybe a few weeks, a few months, a few years — and decide you want to have kids, more power to you. It’s your right — both to have them and to change your mind. But if you don’t, amen to you for staying true to what you believe is best for you, and your (non)potential future child.

I’m assuming that you live in the US, though I know I could be wrong. Although I’m from there, three years ago I moved to Jamaica. Here, the judgement is far worse: Recently, I met a woman with two kids — one who is young enough to be my daughter — and our discussion turned to this topic. When I told her I never wanted to have kids, she called me selfish (like you, yes I am!) and then gave me a look of disgust like I had just thrown up on her new shoes. I always look at those encounters, which happen far more often than they should, as identifying who I will not be inviting to my “Let’s be Besties!” Facebook group.

In addition to agreeing with your article 1000%, I really love your writing style. Very well-said, and witty too!

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