Thank you so much for your insightful response to my article!

I think I believe quite strongly, or as I like to say these days, feel… Because my head has served me well in academic practice… Now I’m listening to what my heart has to say, with my head in the sidecar sometimes reading the map when my heart seems to have taken a wrong turn. But only then. I digress. Anyway, I feel strongly that my writing is better when I talk to fellow writers, people from different walks of life, in my town… on Medium… You name it… I feel it hones our craft, gleaning off each other. And your piece reiterating my own sentiments helped to solidify my own mission statement for this year. You might enjoy my latest and most popular blog post on social media (fb and twitter) yet. I recently had my boyfriend of two years, the love of my life really, leave me because he could no longer deal with his depression and anxiety and had to go it alone. For now, I think of him as Odyseuss and myself as Penelope. My writing is a blanket I am knitting, waiting for him to battle the elements. I am not yet ready to give up on us. The tale about my lime tree and my River Indigo, was in fact a love letter in many ways to him, that I will not give up on us yet. But sometimes, if I have struggled to sleep the night before, I try and ease the pressure on myself and try and say/write something sweetly, but short and to the point. Simplicity is key. Sustainability is key. And sometimes my art mimics my life, my needs, as in this piece I wrote:

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