I Don’t Trust People Who…

being to0 specific about a person’s skills.
i.e. a recruiter asking for an experienced Angular developer rather than someone who understand Javascript.

give you advices you didn’t ask for.
Almost always they are so obsessed with themselves they need others to think like they do.

think in terms of good and bad.
This is a trait which had caused wars, genocides, discrimination and all the fucked out things in history.

do not travel.
With travel comes open-mindedness. If a person despises travel, he is very likely to despises humans and differences.

tell you they’re nice.
This is among the worst.

are parents.
Raising children is hard, but parents are often responsible for causing problems in the family and leave scars on their children (psychologically and/or physically).

are parents who excessively show-off their baby.
It becomes very apparent they’re treating their child as a substitute to their complex and under-achieved asses, and that child’s life is set to be ruined forever.

talk about startups.
They are just too many nowadays.

badmouth others to you.
When the wheel turns, they probably badmouth you to others.

Well, why trust someone who doesn’t trust you?

Is there any more people who … you don’t trust? Write a response below or ❤ this so others can join.

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