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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the most prominent provider of serverless technologies with support for over 150 services. AWS Lambda is Amazon’s version of Functions as a Service (FaaS). With a FaaS like AWS Lambda, a developer can write small pieces of functionality that can be deployed to the cloud servers and run on an as needed basis. With this design, you only have pay for the server time you use, which is great. So how do you get started with AWS Lambda? Note, for this tutorial, we will be using Node.js®.

There are several items you will need to setup before you can create a lambda function in the cloud. If you have not already done so, please follow the instructions in the AWS documentation to setup an account, install the command line interface (CLI), and configure the CLI. Additionally, you will need to install npm and Node.js®.

I first started using Git and GitHub a few years ago when I began a full-stack web development program called Launch School. After learning the basics at the beginning of the program, students are encouraged to commit each problem and assignment from there on out, which I did as I progressed through the courses. …

This summer, I returned to the Trinity Alps of Northern California to enjoy the sweet and simple life of backpacking. I enjoy backpacking for the cool mountain lakes, sleeping under the stars, and the sense of independence, but it was not always an activity I was so fond of. I started at a young age, and like most kids, I used to complain about my feet, squirm under the uncomfortable weight on my shoulders, and repeatedly ask ‘how much farther’. In truth, the discomfort never really goes away.

In fact, I was once told, backpacking is less about becoming a skilled long-distance hiker and more about learning to be uncomfortable. I recalled this thought on the first day of the trip, and again, when recently applying to my first software development job. …


Jocie Moore

Software Engineer | Co-creator of BAM! serverless framework (

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