Why the Jockstrap Works for Everyday Wear

The humble jockstrap. It’s the rarely seen undergarment commonly associated with men’s locker rooms. Traditionally, jockstraps provide the wearer with support and protection for his genitalia, and are worn beneath lower-body sportswear such as shorts, tights or bodysuits.

Composed of an elastic waistband, a support pouch, and two elastic straps that run from the base of the pouch to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip, the jockstrap is most often worn by North American athletes during competition. This trend is changing, however. No longer is the jockstrap worn solely for high-energy athletic events, it’s become a more versatile undergarment that has captured the menswear market.

A Changing Trend

The menswear and underwear industries have made a move towards manufacturing and marketing jockstraps for everyday wear. While the jury’s still out on compression shorts and their overall impact on men’s health, the jockstrap enjoys a proven history of support, coverage and comfort. What’s more, jockstrap quality has soared in recent years as manufacturers have responded to jockstrap wearers’ requests for improved comfort and fit.

Improved Quality and Design

From improved quality and ergonomic design to high-tech materials and fashion features, the jockstrap has gone mainstream. While some manufacturers have incorporated a fly front, invoking traditional underwear, others have produced cotton and elastic blends that provide the wearer with superior comfort and fit. Pouch materials such as denim, fur and mesh have all appeared on the market, showcasing style and personality as much as form and functionality.

Support for Daily Activities

While jockstraps are designed to protect men’s genitalia, they’re also key to preventing serious groin strain. Therefore, wearing a jockstrap while undertaking non-athletic daily activities such as walking, cycling or carrying groceries can significantly reduce the risk of groin strain. In this way, wearing a jockstrap every day makes all the sense in the world for active males, even if they’re just running for the bus or skateboarding with friends. Some underwear experts suggest wearing a jockstrap over silk or nylon boxer shorts for daily support and breath ability without chafing.

No longer relegated to the men’s locker room, jockstraps have become a component of men’s daily wardrobes. Not only do they offer the traditional health and protection benefits, but also the quality design, materials and features that make them more comfortable and appealing for everyday use.As demand continues for jockstrap comfort and function, underwear experts forecast even greater innovations in the undergarment’s design and construction.


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