What is Mcafee Retail card or MLS card?

What is a retail card? A very common example that we can see and use is our credit card. As credit cards give us the commercial facility to take a specified amount of credit or loan from the associated bank to purchase the products wherever valid.

But, the term of a retail card is not just limited to banks. It also associates with the large organizations that provide the facility to avail their services through an issued retail card. The same concept applies to Mcafee retail card.

Mcafee retail card or MLS(Mcafee Live Safe Card) is the service made available to the user to install, download, and activate the Mcafee security software over the PC/laptop. A Mcafee retail card or MLS will allow the person to download and install security software to the system without using CD. If you have purchased this card in-store, you can redeem it easily and activate your subscription online with the help of official site of Mcafee.

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