We’ve Got This Whole Unicorn Thing All Wrong!
Tim O'Reilly

Tim, great post and analysis of the current “unicorn” market. That said, I can’t help but sit here perplexed wondering where the B2B unicorns fall into this. Every company/solution mentioned (AirBnb, Uber, Siri, etc) is B2C, or at the very least started out with the consumer in mind.

A couple questions on this note:

  1. Do you feel that unicorns are only those who have “consumer” societal change? If not, what is a B2B-specific example that does not have relevance in the consumer market?
  2. Is it possible for B2B startups to cause a societal change systemic of this new unicorn definition?

At the very least I feel confident you are on to something here. Valuations are a loose approximation of the impact a company has on its market. The long term outcome and unit economics that change because of it are the true indicators of unicorn status, in my opinion.