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Let’s set the scene.

We live in a time like no other. People’s very perception of reality and ‘truth’ vary wildly, based on the version of the world they are presented.

What you see on your Google searches, Instagram feed, Pinterest wall etc. is quite different from what your parents, partners, neighbours or coworkers see.

Our world is curated by algorithms, where you are presented with a reality which is not objective, but rather highly personalised to be ‘more engaging’ for you.

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While I was waiting for my coffee, I saw a couple with an adorable puppy. It was a blue french bulldog. Couldn’t have been more than a couple of months old.

My cafe gives all dog owners two pieces of cut-up schmackos with their coffee order. It’s genius marketing because it instils the ultimate pester power — a hungry dog who knows where to get a feed, attached to your arm.

The couple with the puppy had their coffees brought out to them and they started to walk home. …

Unless you’ve been marooned on a remote island for the past 3 months, you will have heard about the horrific bush fires which have engulfed the east coast of Australia.

Over the past few months, I have been fortunate enough to participate in one of the many grassroots disaster relief efforts which have sprung up across the nation.

As a practitioner of ‘LEAN’ design thinking and design doing for some of Australia’s largest companies, I thought it would be worthwhile considering this real-life manifestation of these methodologies, and the positive impact they have had in our fire-affected communities along the…

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It is 2019.

We’re all aware of the devastating effects of our actions on the planet.

We all know that climate change is a thing.

We all know that our oceans are choking on plastics, and other fun bits and bobs we toss out, that will continue to contaminate our planet for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years.

Yet, here we stand. In 2019, with two of Australia’s largest companies, Woolworths (ASX: WOW) and Coles (ASX: COL) both peddling ‘free’ lumps of plastic and rubber in an attempt to attract the next generation of shoppers with a sprinkle…

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I’m generally quite impatient. As it turns out, this trait is sought after in today’s rapid, iterative product development process. Lucky me.

Terms like ‘agile’ and ‘growth hacking’ have become so ubiquitous that they practically obscure their underlying tenets.

Entering the workforce, industry’s insatiable desire for speedy iterations suited me down to the ground.

After a long, slow undergraduate degree, I was more than ready to hit the ground running.

Over the years I began to notice that sometimes my teams would move fast and generate brilliant outcomes, yet other times we would move fast and end up chasing our…

The fear of risk and uncertainty holds us back from testing ideas and pushing ourselves forward. So how can we change our relationship with risk and uncertainty? The answer may may lie in how we frame it.

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Risk is scary.

Whether we’re thinking of starting a business, taking a gamble on the share market, or perhaps telling someone special how we feel, there is an element of uncertainty associated with all of these actions.

Uncertainty comes packaged with a variety of negative emotions which we have evolved to avoid; fear, disappointment, rejection, this list goes on.

So, risk = uncertainty, and we generally…

jodan cook

I have made a career in Experience Design and Strategy. I currently work with Hypothesis Consulting. @jodancook everywhere

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