Open Letter to Grads from LTC(ret) Heffington:
Robert Ulisse

It’s no wonder considering that the entire country has been under attack for the last 10 years. How many of us have been trying to warn others that it appears we have gone under a — silent coup- in our country.

The concern has to be for those that attended West Point wanting the excellence of what West Point offered, to make them exceptional but got cheated, never to be able to reclaim that time or experience.

It isn’t a surprise that West Point was taken over by what appears as a Socialist system much like our entire education system has been. Conquer a country by slowly eroding the standards and education of next generation.

Take a step back and it’s also obvious that the system that was in place prior to this new “let everything go” attitude worked to bring about Lt. (USA, ret.) Robert M. Heffington, since it created someone honorable enough to stand for right, for the good of our country and keep speaking up until someone takes notice and make things right.

As I understand it West Point graduates get appointed military leadership roles. I would hate to have one of them that haven’t been proven or earned that level of expertise to have control over our troops.

I applaud LTC (USA, ret.) Robert M. Heffington, to keep up this fight even when under attack, to correct this wrong that has been done to West Point.