Product Roadmap: Issues-based news app

This app will be a hub for users to get the latest policy news and find a way to take action in their area.

For my product roadmap, I focused on the high-level steps that need to get done in order to create the first version of this app. I broke down my roadmap in seven boards with labels defining the status of each item: Design, Code, Content, QA, Shipped, Bugs and Feature Ideas. I chose this format to provide the widest scope of what will need to get done in terms of design, engineering and the content side to build a functional app, but I imagine there would be a lot of overlap between the 3 core functions and what goes into each, i.e. a content idea will impact design and engineering limitations will influence the actions section, etc.

View the full roadmap here.

I estimate that this specific roadmap will take 3 months to launch the first version of the app. After we launch, we will move into an agile workflow to release new product features and increase the breadth of our news coverage in 2 week sprints.

Organizational Structure

Although I’d love to build out every feature, cover every news issue and offer every possible way for a user to get involved in the first iteration of the app, I understand that’s not possible for a lean startup. With that in mind, I estimate we would build the first iteration of the app with a Product Manager, Lead Designer, Lead Engineer, Editor-in-Chief and Partnerships Manager. As we get closer to launching and have a working prototype, probably 1.5 months to launch, we would hire 2 contract writers to work directly with the Editor-in-Chief to build out all content for the app — daily pushes, in-app stories and content on the actions page. After we launch, we would hire 1–2 more engineers to work on building new product features and fixing bugs.