Whether or not GMO’s are actually poisonous to people and they probably are not, ithis does not…
greg gerritt

In response to the comments related to Monsanto here, a few points:

Monsanto isn’t the world’s largest producer of GMOs. ConAgra is.

Monsanto does not sue farmers for accidental cross-pollination. That idea came from one case, concerning a Canadian canola farmer named Percy Schmeiser. Schmeiser intentionally saved and replanted Monsanto’s seed — which flies in the face of the idea that farmers don’t want GM seed are are being forced to use it.

Today’s Monsanto is not the same Monsanto Chemical that was responsible for chemical spills in the 1970s. Monsanto Chemical was sold to and folded into a German corporation decades ago, and the agribusiness wing became a new corporation with a new board of directors. This argument is like blaming today’s ANC in South Africa for crimes committed under deKlerk’s apartheid government.

For the record, I have no connection to Monsanto. I’m just an average person learned to stop getting information from the kind of people who text while driving but think a GM tomato is going to kill them.

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