Designing for Breakie: Case Study

Over the past week and a half, I’ve been working on creating a flawless UI design for an app called breakie. An app with the purpose to help people in Vancouver discover new breakfast joints in the neighbourhood.


Create an engaging, impactful and well-designed UI Library and apply it to the supplied wireframes, research and information of your specific target audience.

Tone of voice:

During the interview process it became clear very quickly that people have a specific reason for why they go out for breakfast, they want to feel catered to. My partner and i chose to take this “why” in two directions, he went for homey vintage feel and i went in the direction of “mothers day brunch”- a special outting that doesnt happen often. I brought this mood into my design by using crisp colors and clean placement to buttons and icons just like cutlery would be placed on your table. I used butlers and fancy tea rooms as inspiration.


The color palette for breakie was chosen because it envokes the theme i had in mind, “motheres days breakfast” its clean, elegant and simple like you would find in a five star resturaunt. I chose a crisp white background with the white linen just likw you would find covering the table at a fancy resturaunt.


Typography was hard to chose for this app but i ended up chosing Prata for the header and some subheaders and oxygen for body text and some headers. I chose Prata because its a very classy looking font that is easy to read, it also looked very simular to the font the resturaunt i used for inspiration, The Teahouse. I chose oxygen because it of simplicity and it compliment Prata well.

Feeling hungry? Download the app now!

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